Classification Of Steel Pipes According To Different Methods


1According To Production Methods Classification
1Seamless Pipe - Hot-Rolled Pipes, Cold-Rolled Pipes, Cold-Drawn Tubes, Extruded Tubes, Pipe Jacking
2Welded Pipe
AIn Accordance With Sub-Processes - Arc Welded Pipe, ERW Pipe (High Frequency, Low Frequency), Gas Pipe, Furnace Pipe
BBy Weld Points - Longitudinal Welded Pipe, Spiral Welded Pipe

In Accordance With Section Shape Classification
1Easy-Section Steel Tube - Circular Steel Tube, Square Steel Pipe, Steel Tube Oval, Triangular Steel Pipe, Steel Pipe Hexagonal, Diamond-Shaped Steel Tube, Steel Pipe Octagonal, Semi-Circular Steel, Other
2The Complexity Of Cross-Section Steel Tube - Scalene Hexagonal Steel Pipe, Five Plum-Shaped Steel Tube, Steel Tube Double-Convex, Double Concave Steel Pipe, Melon-Shaped Steel Tube, Conical Steel Pipe, Corrugated-Shaped Steel Tube, Steel Pipe Watchcase, Other

Classified According To Wall Thickness - Thin-Walled Steel Pipe, Thick-Walled Steel Pipe

By End-Use Category - Pipe With Steel Pipe, Steel Pipe For Thermal
Equipment, Machinery For Industrial Use Steel Pipes, Petroleum, Geological Drilling Using Steel Pipe, Steel Tube Container, Chemical Industrial Steel Pipes, Special-Purpose Steel Pipes, Other